OhMyShape! It’s alive!

Yesterday, August 27, 2023, was the day. OhMyShape! saw the light and was published on the Google Play Store.

My first published game.

The last few days since OhMyShape! Devlog 4 have been terrible. Going to bed very late. Solving more bugs and obvious improvements that were necessary. And above all, solving the big problem.

The Big Problem

After the entire game was complete, I realized that the game was not running well. The shapes were falling choppy, as if with lag. How had I not noticed that? I think I was already too intoxicated from looking at OhMyShape! and repeating levels.

But the problem was evident. After searching heaven and earth on Google and the Unity forums, I even opened a thread asking for help, I came to a solution that finally made the problem disappear.

The other problem is that with the stress and rush, all the other attempted solutions were still there, and now I didn’t know if it really was the sum of everything or just the last thing. Several more hours of testing concluded that I only needed the last thing:

if (frameRate != Application.targetFrameRate)
    Application.targetFrameRate = frameRate;

This line of code sets the device’s framerate to 60 if the current framerate is different (usually 30 by default in Unity for mobile devices).

The Second Big Problem

As I have already mentioned in other devlogs, a problem that has haunted me throughout the development has been balancing the difficulty of the levels. Well, all the work went to hell when I changed the framerate. Now the game was really fluid and the previous settings did not make sense. Everything was going too slow and therefore it was very easy.

Hours of review and level testing later, I came up with a result that I thought was ideal. And even the most experienced speed and skill gamers would take a few tries.

What is happening right now?

Right now, OhMyShape! is published on the Google Play Store. It is a game that can take you 20 minutes or several hours depending on your skills. And, for now, it has more than 40 downloads and 27 ratings and reviews, all very positive.

Number of users rating
Install and uninstalls Google Play

In the coming days, I will try to get it to more people, and my intention is not to invest money in advertising.

The Future of OhMyShape!

I already have a list of tasks for what I call V2. Some of the features I want to add in this update are:

  • Integration with Google Play
    • Achievements
    • Leaderboard
    • Automatic Google login
  • Improved analytics, to better understand performance and growth
  • An Endless mode, so players can compete for the best score by trying to stay alive as long as possible
  • Options to control the sound
  • Add the Spanish language

Later on, we may be able to add new updates with new levels and more features and even create a version for IOS and PC.

Well, that’s all. Right now, I am over the moon with happiness. OhMyShape! published!

Dowload it and give your 5 stars! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.edgargomez.ohmyshape

Until next time.






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