Here’s a sneak peek at the projects I’ve rolled up my sleeves for, and those that are currently holding the spotlight on my work desk. You can also visit my page:

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Dead Men Do Tell Tales

Dead Men Do Tell Tales is a game created in 72 hours for the MermeladaJam 2. A great challenge with a great result.

It is a 3D adventure/exploration game made in Unity. Programming, 2D and 3D assets and sounds totally custom.

Some of the game mechanics are:

  • Player controller
  • Different clickable objects to find coins or emit sounds
  • Wandering NPCs
  • NPC dialogue system
  • Door system that unlocks with a number of coins
  • Bubble and fish spawners
  • Oxygen depletion and recovery system
  • Walls become invisible if the player is behind them (raycasting)
  • Use of different materials when hovering at the minimum interaction distance
  • UI made with Unity UI Toolkit

You can read more about the game and jam process in this three articles:

Give it a try here:

AR Sandbox

Augmented reality app to try face filters and plane detection with objects placement and management.

– Face filters. Uses your selfie camera, touch the masks icons to change the mask.

– Object placement. Wait for plane detection, touch the icon of the object and touch a detected plane to instantiate the object. Instantiate as many objects as you want. To edit a instantiated object touch it and use the edit mode buttons to scale, rotate, move, delete.

The “eye” icon show/hide the detected planes to make the photos more realistic.

You can also take photos to share with your friends.

All the 3D models are from creators that are named and linked in the main menu.

This is a testing purpose app I made mainly while learning AR and to try new things. You can download it directly on


UnReality is another game prototype I’ve made using Unreal Engine. The original idea was to big to be developed right now. Mixing high quality assets to represent the real world and low poly assets to represent being inside a video game.

A normal guy playing in his bedroom to his favorite PC game one day is teleported inside the screen. Now he must exit that fantasy world by beating every level including the final boss. On each level the player would be able to see the transformation of the levels mixing high quality assets and textures with the low poly ones insinuating the guy almost made it.

To complex, to many assets.

This prototype is a one level game where you can play an entire 3D platformer level, running, jumping, taking jewells, reading signs and of course taking the key that opens the final door to finish the level.

Give it a try here:

Lost Lands

Lost Lands is a game prototype made in Unreal Engine and is part of a course a made to learn this game engine. The main idea was to create a first person adventure/puzzle game with high quality graphics.

The prototype is made by an UI for options selection, the level 1 that works as a tutorial and level 2 where you can see how the difficult may increase with the different maps and enemies.

Once you go trough the first door a countdown starts making the player stressed. The player needs to find a hammer, or several hammers depending on the level, to be able to open the last door. Each hammer you pick up increases the timer by 10 seconds.

You can download it and play it from here:


My most recent game, now available on the Google Play Store, represents my first independent creation built from the ground up. It was published on August 27, 2023.

It’s been created using Unity and it’s a casual 2D game. You can follow the devlog series as follows:

OhMyShape! is a skill game where your reflexes will make the difference between victory and failure. Use shapes like the triangle, square, and circle to beat 15 frantic levels, aided by various powers and upgrades.

Move through four positions dodging shapes and collecting those that are of your same type. Unlock new shapes and transform into them for more chances to advance levels and earn coins.

  • The triangle is your initial shape, and its ability is to shoot.
  • The square will be available starting from level 6, and its ability is to become a shield.
  • The circle will be available starting from level 11, and its ability is to turn all shapes into circles for a period of time.

If you manage to overcome the 15 levels, you will be the Master of Shapes!

You can dowload it here: (and remember to leave 5 stars 😁)

OhMyShape! Menu
OhMyShape! Game Play
OhMyShape! Game Play
OhMyShape! Level selection
OhMyShape! Shape powers
OhMyShape! Market

Revitalizing the Classic Series

Pong, Space Race, Jet Fighter, and Space Invaders. You know them, you love them, and so did I – enough to embark on this wild ride of recreating these retro classics from the ground up. But it wasn’t just about the nostalgia, nope. This journey was a turbo-charged crash course in mastering Unity and diving headfirst into the world of game development patterns. And let me tell you, the glow-up from one game to the next is something to behold! Every new challenge taught me something new and that’s what it’s all about, right? Learning, growing, and leveling up – game style!


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