Me x Unity

I will use this page as a personal reminder to track my goals and progress with Unity, showcasing my achievements through hard work and dedication.

Table of contents

Unreal Engine course

I started and finished (this is important) a Udemy course. This one: Videogame development in Unreal Engine from 0 to proffesional. It’s a 40 hours course where you develop a project using Blueprints as main development practice and learning all the fundamentals about using the engine, shaders, lightning, shadows, interface, sound and a big etc.

You can check two videogame prototypes I made using Unreal Engine here.

And here is the certificate of completion:

Unreal Engine course certificate from udemy

Linkedin Knowledge and skills

I’ve recently tested my knowledge beating Linkedin aptitude tests for C# and Unity. You can see all my validated skills in my Linkedin Page.

Linkeding Unity skills test
Linkeding C# skills test

Unity Pathsways

Unity offers learning paths to help you become a Unity developer, artist, or generalist in video games. Below, I will add the badges and diplomas that I have earned to date. We’re talking about over 40 weeks of learning, not including the time devoted to submissions and projects.

✅Unity Essentials Pathway

Unity Essentials Pathway Completed

✅Junior Programmer Pathway

Junior Programmer Pathway Completed

⌛VR Development Pathway

✅AR Mobile Development Pathway

Augmented Reality Certification Badge
Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality

✅Creative Core Pathway

Master in videogames with Unity

A private Master title I’ve got after starting it in 2018 and finishing almost in 2020 after 400 hours of learning. This was my first introduction to Unity and game development in general. But because I was working at the same time, I couldn’t continue developing this aspect anymore until now (2023). The title was issued by Trinit: Computer Association of Zaragoza.

Master in videogames with Unity