Level Up! Respawning with a New Focus on Game Dev

Hey there! If you’ve been here before, you might be thinking, “Wait, everything’s changed…again!” Yup, for the twenty-sixth time, or thereabouts.

But this time, the transformation is major! I’ve swept away all the past content, those varied posts about different technologies, and life updates.

Now, we’re hitting the fast lane and heading straight for a Unity and video game development focused journey. It’s a path I’m super passionate about, and more than just a hobby – it’s something I could see becoming a central part of my future.


So, what can you expect? We’ll be delving into nifty tutorials, sharing handy tips and tricks, exploring the thrilling world of virtual reality, and I’ll be keeping you updated with dev blogs about my current game projects.

Just a quick heads-up though, I’m not living the dev life full-time as of now, and my day job is quite a different gig. If you’re curious to learn more about my day-to-day adventures, feel free to hop over to the “About Me” section.

So, that’s it for now! Can’t wait to catch up with you in the next posts. Onward to our game dev adventure!






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