Oh My Shape! playable in browser and Windows

Hello there! Yes, I’ve successfully ported Oh My Shape! from mobile to Webgl and Windows. Now you can play it directly in your web browser or download it from https://dekrud.itch.io/oh-my-shape and remember you can play my other games here also: https://dekrud.itch.io/

This has been my first experience in transitioning a game specifically designed for one platform to another, and I must say it wasn’t as complicated as I initially thought. I know it can vary depending on the project, but in this case, it went quite smoothly. To summarize the process:

  • I removed the integration of Unity Ads, which involved adjusting configurations and eliminating various scripts responsible for handling different types of ads and their respective calls from the GameObjects.
  • I eliminated the logic related to “continuing from where you left off,” made some code modifications that checked the time since the last playthrough, and handled the Game Over and Continue functionality.
  • I got rid of the integration and code related to push notifications.
  • I made some UI modifications, such as removing the “Get 100 free coins” buttons.
  • I fine-tuned the keyboard controls.
  • Rigorous testing was performed.

For the build, I adjusted the screen size to ensure it looks good on different desktop and laptop screens. While maintaining the 16:9 portrait aspect ratio (9:16), I fixed the size at 540×960.

Regarding the desktop (Windows) build, I initially thought about adding an exit button to prevent the common issue of games going full screen with no easy way to close them. However, it turned out to be unnecessary. Due to the forced portrait resolution, I specified that it runs in windowed mode, not full screen, disabling the maximize button, and preventing any window resizing. As a result, closing the game is as simple as clicking the red “X” in the Windows window.

The Conclusion of Oh My Shape!

It’s regrettable, but I’m closing the chapter on Oh My Shape! I want to mention that I spent a week struggling to integrate Google Play Services, and I ended up feeling frustrated due to the myriad of problems, errors, and what I believe is a bug in the official repository. It was an enormous amount of time wasted, and it left a bitter taste in my mouth.

This integration was crucial for updating the game with the Endless Mode, as well as for including Leaderboards and Achievements. I would have loved to have it and publish it, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out. I’ve opened an issue on the official GitHub and posted several comments on Unity forums, but I haven’t received a response in over a month, so I’m closing that chapter.

There won’t be any further updates unless there’s a fix for this issue one day. I also won’t be porting it to iOS. Thus, this port to Webgl and Windows serves as the final touch to what has been my first complete game, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the entire process.

Remember you can play Oh My Shape! here:

On to new projects and new games!





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