Joining Tentativo Studio and Flantastic Café Run

That’s something I already knew shortly before the end of 2023, but I wanted to wait a bit before announcing it as I was deeply immersed in the project. I’ve joined Tentativo Studio, and I’m developing Flantastic Café Run.

The opportunity came up suddenly on the Spain Dev Discord, and I reached out to them. I had nothing to lose, and after several contacts and a final presentation meeting, they decided to go with me.

What’s Tentativo Studio?

Tentativo Studio is an indie studio formed by professionals from various areas such as development, design, art, sound, etc. Some of them had already worked together in game jams, and thanks to the good results and a good feeling about it, they decided to formalize this studio and aim for a more serious game, planned, designed, and developed as if it were a professional team (beyond a game jam).

What’s Flantastic Café Run?

Flantastic Café Run, the game in question, is a mobile game. It’s an endless runner with a cute aesthetic, where our mission is to help Flancisco reach his diner to be eaten. Along the way, he must dodge, jumping between two conveyor belts, other more tempting desserts and collect ingredients with which we can later craft toppings (cosmetic items like hats). Will Flancisco reach his goal?

Flantastic Cafe Run
Flantastic Cafe Run

What’s my role in Tentativo Studio?

For the moment, I’ve been a member for about a month, and my main mission is to develop the mechanics, gameplay, and UI within Unity. But I’m also part of the team where we discuss viewpoints, improvements, and changes, so it’s not just limited to development.

Although progress is a bit slower than expected because everyone on the team has a similar situation (a day job to make a living and a passion to dedicate our limited free time to), we want to speed up the process and start showcasing gameplay and more content in the coming weeks.

We don’t have a release date for the game yet, but I believe that if everything goes well, mid-2024 is a more than realistic date, and it should be available for both Android and iOS.

Flantastic Cafe Run Mobile

Does joining Tentativo Studio change my plans?

As expected, being part of a team so soon and having to dedicate so much time to a project outside my personal roadmap wasn’t in my plans. So yes, it significantly changes my plans. My entire roadmap will be affected and possibly delayed as I’ll give priority to this. Nonetheless, I’ll still dedicate some parallel time to it, and soon I’ll be able to showcase my progress with Blender.

I’ll share the links to Tentativo Studio’s social media again, and we’ll catch up in the next post!






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