My progress in Blender

A few months ago, in September, I started my journey with Blender.

Blender is a free and highly recognized software in various industries for modeling, rigging, sculpting, animation…

Months go by quickly and time is limited, and although I wanted to have made more progress learning how to use Blender, I am a bit behind.

Even so, today I bring new progress.

Modular Dungeon

Some renders of a modular dungeon, that is, with reusable pieces to create large spaces. Walls, door arches, pillars, the well-known Crate & Barrel, floors and torches.

I have learned techniques such as making dents in stone, using modifiers, such as the mirror modifier, and learning how to add materials, lighting…

Low poly dinosaur

And this is a low poly T-Rex dinosaur. The technique used is using a side and front image of a T-Rex silhouette and gradually modeling the shape. The use of the mirror modifier is essential.

I have practiced a lot with keyboard shortcuts, extrudes, intrudes, move, scale, etc.

Detail matters to achieve the shape of the dino or any other thing. I´ve made tots of mistakes like applying modifiers before really finishing or needing to reuse something or creating inside faces that later are messing around. But!

The result is very cool!

The next steps with Blender are to make more realistic models leaving the low poly behind, animating, doing Rigging of characters and some sculpting.

I hope to bring these advances soon because it will mean that I am closer to making my own assets for games and even being able to make asset packs to sell in the different stores.

See you next time!






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